Low Latency – The key for a good player experience (VIDEO)

by Stefan Ideler, i3D.net – A Ubisoft Company

This presentation covers the never-ending quest to optimize your connectivity to achieve the lowest latency towards your community and presents some real world examples covering the datacenter towards worldwide connectivity.

It will further highlight the developments and trends in the game industry to explain why low latency will be the deciding factor for your game and the player experience.

Stefan is speaker at the 2020 edition of the conference.

Stefan Ideler is a solutions-oriented IT leader with a strong analytical mindset. Notable success directing a broad range of IT initiatives, cutting-edge software development, global connectivity implementations and innovative security solutions.

About i3D.net – A Ubisoft Company

Lag during gaming sucks! i3D.net founder Stijn Koster already knew that back in 2002. At 18 and still just a student, Stijn set out to improve the gaming experiences of his friends by renting out consumer game servers. By 2004, i3D.net was a fully-fledged start-up in the center of Rotterdam, aiming to reach as many gamers as possible.

i3D.net’s rapid growth into the biggest game server provider in the Benelux caught the attention of game publishing giant EA. Our network evolved from serving individual gamers to hosting actual game titles! Now i3D.net was improving the gaming experiences of thousands of people around the globe. And our technology had to keep up.

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