Impact of 5G on Healthcare (VIDEO)

A presentation by Paul Blankers, Senior Global Clinical Consultant/ Senior Clinical Advisor, Ascom healthcare

Technology is the foundation for most of the Healthcare changes. What brings 5G and does it compare to other technology innovations? Is latency a deal breaker? What other technology innovations are connected to 5G?

Besides technology what is crucial for a successful usage of technology in Healthcare? I will be showing examples from hospital care and homecare.

About Paul Blankers

I’m an active listener who is bringing patient solutions to life. Working together in a highly motivated international team with internal and external customers. I’m a compassionate person who loves collaboration to get the job done. Learning, consulting and sharing the knowledge is what I do.

Doing all this on time, achieving the set goals e.g. requirements and within budget, satisfying the customer., the patient.

Short and midterm project responsibility
Organizing supportive events
Making connections and achieving collaboration
Consultancy & Interoperability
Introduction and usage of eHealth
Education and change management

Working together with professionals within research, IT , sales and marketing. On the customer side working with the management and end-user of our solutions. Customer being in the primary healthcare, i.e. GP’s and home, and secondary healthcare, i.e hospitals and care institutions. All with a multicultural scope and/or international affinity.

About Ascom healthcare

A worldwide shortage of nurses… rapidly ageing populations with complex chronic conditions… relentless pressure to control costs. Healthcare faces a host of challenges; issues that make it more vital than ever to streamline clinical workflows, integrate communication systems, and exploit the performance-improving potential of data analysis. Ascom has for decades been helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities do just that–with innovative patient alert management, mobility, nurse call and other healthcare communication solutions.

Paul was speaker at the 2020 edition of the conference.

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