Changing the game with technology (VIDEO)

by Doki Tops, Utomik

Cloud gaming has been a long time coming. The first cloud gaming experience was likely after the first introduction of remote desktop around the end of the 90’s early 2000’s. The first streamed game was likely patience. A lot of companies since have ventured into the cloud gaming dream of playing games remotely with ease. A lot of companies have failed partly due to technology problems.

I will highlight and explain some of these failures and talk about why we are now at an inflection point and explain how this inflection point will set out a change in gaming and gaming culture.

Doki is speaker at the 2020 edition of this conference.

About Doki Tops

Gaming entrepreneur since 2005. Started life in game design and development, transformed into becoming an executive and get experience in strategy and deal making in the area of work for hire game development, middle ware technology sales, to now having experience in content licensing & gaming platforms. This culminated in helping launched the first true netflix for gaming Platform Utomik which I co-founded and am proud to be part of.

About Utomik

Utomik an all you can eat gaming subscription service with over 1000 games. Discover more games with new releases every month and play without waiting with our smart download tech that lets you play after only a small part.

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