5G Technology & Drones

by Gokul Srinivasan, Robots Expert Finland Oy at LIVE ONLINE Low Latency Conference

This presentation will explore the various application of 5G technology in the UAV industry. Also, this presentation will cover the work done by the 5G!Drones Project, an EU H2020 project exploring various use cases with 5G technology and drones.

program: https://lowlatency.photonicsapplicationsweek.com/program/

Gokul Srinivasan is Director of Technology at Robots Expert Finland Oy. He has strong background in UAV applications for defense and aerospace industry. Currently involved in several UAM initiatives in the US and EU.

Robots Expert is a European leading unmanned aviation (drone) advisory and expert company, based in Finland. Our goal is to help organisations increase operational effectiveness using drones, and advise cities on how to allow and control drones in the urban landscape. We also work with the fundamental capabilities needed to safely scale up drone use: U-space and radio networks.

We help organisations in various industries with little or no drone experience to strategically drive top-line growth or improve operational effectiveness leveraging drone-enabled technologies. For each use case, we find the best suitable technology partners from a unique global partner network.

For drone industry players, we offer a range of specialist services from training and SORA advisory to hosted BVLOS testing range for national and international drone manufacturers or operators.

Cities need to understand their role and what it means, when the third dimension of transportation or Urban Air Mobility, is growing, including both smaller drones and air taxis/eVTOL. We help city decision-makers to understand, define and deploy the necessary rules-of-play, that allow drones and air taxies to safely operate within boundaries for what is safe, societally acceptable as well as economically feasible.

‚ÄčOur vision is to shape unmanned aviation, together.

This conference focuses on how the service providers / content providers envision the future of their respective online / mobile services, whether it be 5G or other platforms. What can we expect as consumer / professional in the coming decade.

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