Mobile Communications Value Chain Session Powered by 5G Hub

Session Mobile Communications Value Chain – powered by 5G Hub at the Future of Communication Conference 2021. Confirmed speakers so far:

  • Moderator: Iris Hertsenberg, Business Development Manager, Ericsson
  • Joost Verberk, Product Management | Business Development, Effect Photonics
  • Speaker to be announced, Vodafone

Other confirmed speakers:

  • Bernard François, Founder, PreviewLabs, on ‘The future of gaming and gaming technology’
  • Shane He, Standardization Professional, Nokia Bell Labs / RDM Working Group Chair, oneM2M, on ‘oneM2M Roadmap for Data Interoperability’, Read more
  • Livia Rosu, President, HomeGrid Forum
  • Thomas Engel, multiple entrepreneur, on ‘The Future of the Live Sports Viewing Experience’- This presentation will try and predict what will happen in the next 10 years for live sports viewing. Many big tech trends are driving new possibilities for ways fans are watching their favourite sporting events through many different broadcast channels and viewing screens. With ten concrete visions for the future Thomas Engel will inspire the attendees to think what these opportunities will enable for their businesses. These new emerging technologies are enabling new applications that can be built to create new and unique viewing experiences.

Register here to attend the Mobile Communications session and the conference and find out how service and content providers and data centres envision the future of their respective communication services, whether it be 5G or other platforms. There will be live presentations from reputed speakers in the field and you will be able to ask questions directly & also discuss with the speakers & other participants during the coffee breaks.

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