oneM2M is Partner of Future of Communication Conference

“We are the global community that develops IoT standards to enable interoperable, secure, and simple-to-deploy services for the IoT ecosystem. oneM2M standards are open, accessible and internationally recognized.”

Formed in 2012 by the world’s preeminent ICT standards development organizations, oneM2M membership today consists of thought leaders from a broad range of industries, including industrial manufacturers and suppliers, consumer device manufacturers, component suppliers, and telecommunications service providers. For more information visit our website at

The Future of Communication Conference focuses on how service and content providers and data centres envision the future of their respective online / mobile services, whether it be 5G or other platforms. Speakers at this conference will share their vision of the future of communications and what they need for accomplishing that.

What was previously known as Science Fiction technology is now becoming reality. In the digital age, technology is changing how and what we communicate. Are you curious to get a glimpse into the future of mobile and online services?

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