INFOBALT Lithuania Becomes Partner of Future of Communication Conference

INFOBALT is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Association, which aims to create the best conditions for the development and export of the ICT market. The association represents the interests of its members in the public sector, organizes export missions for the members, solves ICT specialists supply problems, does a variety of research in relation to ICT and more. In order to contribute to strengthening and growth of the ICT sector the association INFOBALT is collaborating with various organizations seeking to strengthen Lithuania’s business, export, the knowledge economy and other areas.

Our capabilities

Founded in 1994, INFOBALT currently unites more than 160 Lithuanian ICT companies, related research and higher education institutions and other digital economy players. About 10,000 employees work in companies and organizations in the Association.

We currently run 14 projects, 10 work activities.

In collaboration with other organizations, the association INFOBALT offers its members to participate in various events, seminars and business missions, to join different projects and initiatives, as well as to provide up-to-date information and opportunities for business development or new contacts.

Our Mission – to make digital technologies a key driver of social wellbeing and economic growth.

Our Vision – a platform for policy-shaping, dialogue, networking, and sales/trade.

INFOBALT is a member of international ICT structures, for example, INFOBALT has been a member of the European IT and ICT sector organization DIGITALEUROPE for almost 10 years. Since 2004 it is a member of WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance).

The Association also cooperates with various organizations (Versli Lietuva, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Žinių ekonomikos forumas and other partners) seeking to strengthen Lithuanian business, exports, knowledge economy and other areas.

About us

The Board consists of 7 (seven) members. The Board is a collegial governing body elected by the Conference for a period of 2 years. The Board is headed by the Chairman of the Board – the President elected by the Board from among its members.

The Association’s day-to-day activities are organized and run by the Director who is appointed and dismissed by the Board. There is also management at INFOBALT (8 people at this moment).

INFOBALT is partner of the 2021 edition of the Future of Communication Conference.

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