At the edge of what is possible for telecom / datacom!

This conference is about how service providers, content providers, telecom operators and datacenters envision the future of their services, whether it be 5G or other platforms and what impact it has on their business, business processes and business models.

There is a constant growing demand for better, faster, more secure communication and stable and scalable infrastructure for communication between people, systems and organisations, for instance:

  • Factories need their production/yield status directly
  • Consumers want to watch their video instantaneously on their mobile
  • IoT networks should work flawlessly
  • Autonomous cars are dependent on real time information
  • Fintech companies should have payment status now
  • Video conferences can’t have hick ups
  • Gamers need immediate response with no latency
  • Medical professionals want direct control
  • E-commerce companies need to know their stock all the time
  • School teachers want direct interaction with their pupils

Parallel to that, the content-, service- and IoT / IIoT industry require new services and products with a better, faster and more secure performance.

In other words the telecom / datacom industry are always balancing on the edge of what is possible or what is not.
Technology can help solving this situation, but technology providers need to know what future demands are and will be.

Speakers at this conference will share the vision of their future services and how telecom / datacom should support this.

Who should attend:

  • Business Development, Innovation staff and management of
    • Telecom operators
    • Content providers
    • Gaming Industry
    • Educational institutions
    • System integrators
    • Component suppliers
    • VR -industry
    • Videoconferencing companies
    • Fintech companies
    • Data Center industry
    • Healthcare industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Datacom providers
    • Hardware manufacturers
    • E-commerce companies
  • Governmental bodies
  • Regulatory institutions
  • Investors
  • Start-Ups

Due to the continuing uncertainty we have decided to organise this conference ONLINE only. We will keep you informed should anything change, in case we can organise a hybrid edition. At Jakajima, we are constantly monitoring the situation, and we will implement any instructions from the government, local authorities and WHO. The safety of our speakers, attendees and staff remains our top priority. In the meanwhile, stay safe, stay healthy!

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The conference will take place during the Photonics Applications Week.